Ghost’s of York

A collection of images from the streets of York during the early hours of the morning. All images are 1/1 and priced at 0.5 ETH and come with a signed A3 fine art print.


Dreams of the bulls**t scenes

When you become a parent and life gos on hold. Dotbss is a collection of both night photography and midday photography edited to night images over the past 18 months where I couldn’t get out with my camera without compromise. Late nights, early mornings, and that horrible midday light. Dotbss is about that light, my imagination and what I managed to do with it.

1/1 0.13 ETH

Lost Genesis

9 hidden NFT genesis horses. All I need is it’s coordinates once found. Clues come from nft holders. Anyone can play along and help holders find their hidden packages. 1 horse is holder free and the first person to send me coordinates of its location on google maps gets the airdrop. Let the hunt begin.

1/1 0 ETH Needs to be found.