Hey there, I'm Ash an award winning Yorkshire wedding photographer. I'm not just a camera guy; I'm all about family, art, music, and those outdoor adventures that inevitably end with a cozy bed and a hot cuppa.

My journey to photography is a bit of a rollercoaster. School wasn't my thing—I'm creative and sports-loving, but dyslexia made things tricky. At 17, I thought joining the army would be a grand idea, especially working with helicopters up in North Yorkshire. Two tours of Afghanistan and a fair bit of globe-trotting later, I realized the army wasn't my forever gig.

I'm a laid-back, no-worries kind of guy, and the army? Well, let's just say it's not exactly a chill place. So, I traded my army days for driving HGVs. It was a nice change, especially getting to be home more with my family, but there was still something missing—job satisfaction, that feeling of pride.

Turns out, photography filled that gap. I dove into the Photography Institute's professional photography course, graduated in 2018, and never looked back. Since then, I've been continually improving my skills, soaking up all things cameras and post-processing. I'm all about pushing myself to improve because, let's be honest, the learning never stops.

Turning a passion into a career has been a game-changer. I get a kick out of creating beautiful images for couples and families. Every wedding is a journey for me, and the awesome feedback from couples is like the icing on the cake.

So, if you're on the hunt for a Yorkshire wedding photographer (and more than happy to travel the UK and beyond) and you vibe with what you see on my website, I'd love to team up with you. Let's make some magic happen in your photos – reach out, and let's chat!