Hodsock Priory

Hodsock Priory is an awesome old country house set in 800 acres of countryside on the border of Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire. Hodsock Priory is an award-winning luxury venue and the views are amazing, and the whole place is surrounded by lush gardens and fields.

I love the details and elegance in all the different rooms at Hodsock Priory, which means as a wedding photographer, I can capture those special details (like the bridal dress) and other touches to your day in a way that really shows them off.

bridal suite at Hodsock Priory

This place is perfect if you're thinking of throwing a big wedding. Hodsock Priory's got tons of room, so you can invite everyone you want celebrating with you while keeping a cozy, romantic vibe. Hodsock Priory looks stunning at Christmas which really adds to the feel of the day.

Hodsock priory

Coming from landscape photography One of the things that I love most about Hodsock Priory is the beautiful backdrops and gardens. The big arch entrance, and the manicured gardens are perfect for your relaxed couple shoot, and the grand architecture of the country house provides the perfect backdrop for group shots and candid moments.

The gardens at Hodsock priory

Whether you choose to get married in the historic priory or the church down the road in beautiful Blyth village, like this lovely couple did, you can be sure that every detail of your ceremony will be perfectly captured.

Blyth church wedding

I know that lighting is everything when it comes to creating beautiful images. At Hodsock Priory, there is no shortage of natural light pouring through the grand windows, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for capturing those special moments.

As a wedding photographer, one of the things that I appreciate most about Hodsock Priory is the wedding team. They are super professional and work really hard making sure every detail of your day is perfect, from the menu to the decor and everything in between. I loved that the team help photographers in tackling one of the more time consuming parts of the day, coordinating group shots involving confetti and sparklers.

So if you are looking for a stunning luxury wedding venue with beautiful landscapes, grand architecture, and a great wedding team then I highly recommend Hodsock Priory. As an added bonus, the estate is easily accessible from Sheffield, Nottingham, Doncaster and Leeds, which makes it an ideal destination for couples and their guests who are traveling from all over the country.


And if you've already booked Hodsock Priory- good choice! I'd love to help capture your day for you!

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